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Vasilis Goumas born in Athens, Greece, in 1991. He ranked first (1st) in the University Entrance Exams for the Athens School of Fine Arts and was the top student entering the School with specialization in Painting from which he graduated with honors in 2015 (E΄ Painting Studio under Professor Michalis Manousakis). He, also, attended the Sculpture Workshop in the A΄ Sculpture Studio under Professor Nikos Tranos, and he studied engraving in Engraving A΄ Studio under Professor Mary Shinas.

He is an active visual artist and has presented two solo exhibitions. He participated in numerous group art exhibitions and artist residencies and has received several awards. Works by the painter are included in many private collections.




Fine Arts School of Athens, Department of Visual Arts.


Ε΄ workshop of Painting. Professor in charge: Michalis Manousakis.


• Α΄ workshop of Painting. Professors in charge: Zacharias Arvanitis, Aggelos Antonopoulos, Michalis Manousakis.

• Α΄ workshop of Hand Engraving. Professors in charge: Giannis Gourzis, Mary Schina, Ntina Kotsiou.

• Α΄ Workshop of Sculpture. Professor in charge: Nikos Tranos.



Riyad residency program.


∙Scholarship for the Sorrento design program, (Museum Mutta).

∙Grant for Slade Summer School Residency (UCL).


Costas Andreou Foundation award of excellence.


Participation in “Loving Vincent“, awarded movie for the best Animated

Feature Film.


Award in the “7th Biennale” art contest of the students of Fine Arts School.


International Amnesty representation in the diary of 2014 with the artwork entitled “The torture of loneliness”.


• Award of the National Institution of Scholarships for the excellence and performance in the obligatory pre-required exams before entering the University of Fine Arts School.

• Top student in the admission exams in the Fine Arts School.

Solo exhibitions


∙“somniatus ero , May, Modern Greek art Museum, Rhodes.


∙“somniatus ero”, September, Evripides Art Gallery,

Selected Group Exhibitions


∙ Fabriano In Acquarello, Italy, May.


∙ “There is more than one story, December, Evripides Art Gallery , Athens
∙ Evripides Art Gallery , Athens – Art Athina.
∙ Evripides Art Gallery , Mykonos, August.
∙New Generation, Marina Keas Gallery, July.
∙Athens School of Fine arts, January.
∙Art City ( City Centre Bahrain).
∙On the Wall 2 (Bahrain International Exhibition Centre).
∙Bahrain Art Gallery.


∙Slade research Centre, August, London.
∙Camden Arts Centre, August, London.
∙“Less is More”, March. Evripides Art Gallery, Athens.


∙“In Scale Plan”. November, Greek Artists’ Sketch Exhibition.Evripides
Art Gallery, Athens.


∙Loving Vincent , Mabrida studios.


• University assignment in the exhibition hall “Nikos Kessanlis” in the
School of Fine Arts, Athens.
• Students exhibition entitled “Choice1” with the artworks of 14 students of Painting and Sculpture in corporation with the private institution “Alli Arkadia” in the exhibition Hall Felios, Athens.


• 7th Biennale, of A΄ workshop in Visual Arts, in association with “Ta Nea tis Technis” and the Institute “Theocharakis” / Distinction award.
• “Alos Theasis” Eikastikes Anazitiseis Gallery, Athens.
• “Sea Images” participation in the European Scientific Program named “Perseus” in association with the Greek Centre of Marine Research in the exhibition hall “Nikos Kessanlis” in the Fine Arts School, Athens.
• “Art of Amnesty”, an exhibition concerning the human rights, organized by the International Amnesty and the Fine Arts School in the exhibition hall Camp, Athens. Selection of one of his artworks for the diary of 2014 of International Amnesty.


• “Hippocrates Medicine throughout centuries” hosted in the Museum of Natural History Goulandris, Athens.
• Student painting exhibition organized by Fine Arts School in the City Hall of Kifisia, Athens.


• Students Painting exhibition organized by Fine Arts School in Terra Petra, Athens.
• A co-operation between students of the Workshop of Painting and the private institution “Moraitis” in the grounds of charity representing the organization “Elpida”, Athens.
• Visual workshop and exhibition of visual work in co-operation with the department of culture of Piraeus Bank of Greece, the Fine Arts School and the Environmental Museum of Stimfalia, Peloponnese.


• Charity event entitled “Man, Colours, Music, donate a chance in life” in corporation with International organisations such as the Jose Carreras club of Greece and the music association Gina Bachauer against the disease of Leukaimia, Athens.


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