Fine Artist - Sculptor

She studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts and attended classes on art aesthetics at the University of Sorbonne, Paris.

Many of her big scale sculptural installations belong to private collections, municipalities and museums. She has been profoundly interested in kinetic sculpture since 2000, creating a number of kinetic artworks. 

"'Reflections on human existence': this might be a possible description of what Greek sculptress Christina Saradopoulou, uses as building blocks in her work.         

Saradopoulou creates sculptural 'landscapes', site-specific works and installations whose form emerges as an elaboration of the pattern of the human fingerprint and the proportions of the human body.

Saradopoulou's sculptures combine narrative and abstraction, since sculptural form in her work is based on the chaotic and labyrinthine pattern of the fingerprint that has been a constant source of inspiration through her sculptural investigations."

- Press Release


Athens, Greece

T: +30 694 450 3507

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