Fine Artist

Her works can be found in the Greek Parliament, the Greek National Gallery, The Prime Minister Building, The Benaki Museum, The Museum of Modern Art in Florina, The Fryssiras Museum, The Kouvoutsakis Pinacotheque,The Moschandreou Pinacotheque, The Agricultural Bank of Greece Collection, The AGET Heraklis Group of Companies Collection, The Inter American Collection, and other private museums and collections in Greece and abroad. Her work was selected to represent Greek contemporary art during the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens, Greece.
On September 2008, as part of the Environmental Programme of the Goulandris Museum of Natural History, she donated one of her works, which was auctioned and bought by the Greek Parliament. She is considered to be one of the most influential Greek Contemporary artists. 

Inspired by Nature”, using a very unique perspective, her work flirts with abstract and representative elements, at the same time.
‘’…Chryssa creates images, which sometimes refer to the traditional landscape and other times are more reminiscent of the lunar landscape of Tapies, while, other times they show a connection with the gestural work of Pollock…” (M. Lambraki-Plaka, Professor of the History of Art, Director of the Hellenic National Gallery)


Athens, Greece

T: +30 694 450 3507

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