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Vasilis Goumas is a young and talented artist whose gift is not difficult to be discerned when anyone confronts with his work that impresses even the most uninitiated viewers. However, the inquiry that arises is whether the viewer remains to the first impression, which undoubtedly excites them or if the artist, through his skill of design and chromatic sensibility is able to create a more contemplative atmosphere. It is easily assumed that the second case is valid which initially makes us wonder.


And the reason for wondering, is the philosophy and the attitude of this artist, who is contemporary and experiences the era in which we live - in a multifaceted crisis, which has affected deeply and unavoidably our daily lifestyle and our value systems. However he chooses to be expressed, in a completely different way, a contrary one to the external incoming trends and the normal modernized versions of perception of the world.


His landscapes can be presumed as monitors of display and drapes for neonates and outgoing (in other words films for the beginning and the end or the variability of life). The landscapes are also giving a sense of enigmatic and suspended ' mapping ', which constantly include transforming islets and meadows of planets and fixed stars, with "fingerprints" of cliffs and volcanoes,hills and headlands, with shady deserts and groves that are creeping in silence.


Behind each form of Vasilis Goumas, there is an important research concerning mathematical and physical relationships and proportions which result from numerous previous draft projects. The above is mentioned in order to emphasize that his work is rendered with immediacy, power, sensuality and grace and without being forced. It also incorporates a creeping geometry regarding the parts and the display hinge and hints at rata the parts and joints of the reason of its existence.


Athens, Greece

T: +30 694 450 3507

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