Visual Artist – Painter – Mosaicist

Dafni Angelidou was born in Athens in 1962. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1980-1986) with Moralis and Mytaras as her teachers, and mosaic, with Kolefas.
She is on the teaching staff of the Athens School of Fine Arts, in the Department of Mosaic, since 1987. She was appointed Lecturer in Mosaic in 1999. She was appointed Assistant Professor of Athens School of Fine Arts, in the Department of Mosaic, in 2005. In 2013 she was appointed associate professor of the Athens School of Fine Arts in the department of Mosaic.
She has been appointed professor of the Athens School of Fine Arts in the department of Mosaics since 2019.

Solo Exhibitions

1986 Agathi Gallery, Athens

1988 Agathi Gallery, Athens

1992 Ora Arts Centre, Athens

1994 ‘Her cold silver’. Art Space 24, Athens

1996 ‘Dream cities’. Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens

1996 ‘Dream cities and windows’. Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki

2000 ‘Area surveys’. Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens

2002 Mosaics and pictures. Art Space 24, Athens

2005 ‘Passing by’. Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens

2009 ‘Passers-by’. Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens

2013 Todays Mosaics. Retrospective Exhibition, National Archaeological Museum, Athens

2013 “Passages”,Zalokosta 7 Gallery,Athens

2017 “Summer Sky’’, Marina Keas Gallery, Kea-Cyclades

2018 “Wind Sand & Stars”,Anerousa, Andros-Cyclades

Main Group Exhibitions

1986: Group exhibition of graduates of Α.Σ.Κ.Τ. of the 1st painting workshop at the Athens Conservatory. Έκθεση Group exhibition of graduates of Α.Σ.Κ.Τ. at the Museum of Contemporary Art Eliza and Vassilis Goulandris in Andros.

1988: Retrospective exhibition of collaborators at the “Agathi” Gallery, Athens

1992: Artistic Cultural Center “Ira”, “Eneken Timi”, Athens.

1995: Art Space “24”, “To Kouti”, Athens.

1996: Gallery “Zalokosta 7”, “Peripo Tetragono”, Athens • “PERI TECHNON”, “Lithography as a means of artistic expression”, Athens.

1997: “Eirmos” Gallery, “Urban Landscape”, Thessaloniki. Group exhibition organized by the art critic Athena Schina ● Visual Center of Contemporary Art, Larissa, “Homes of gaze”. Exhibition curator: Athena Schina. • Athenaum Inter-Continental, Post-it Art, Athens. Participation in the construction of a drawing with ink on a grid from sticky notes (Post-it). ● «Art Forum Vilka», Post-it Art, thessaloniki. ● Cultural Center of the University of Athens, KOSTIS PALAMAS Mansion, “The Future”. ● “Focus of the gaze”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Brussels.

2000: “Canned”. Painting-Sculpture, Multimedia, “Lithography of Piraeus Street”, Athens. ● Art Athina, 2000. Participation with the Gallery “Zalokosta 7”, EXHIBITION CENTER HELLEXPO.

2001: “Windows to the World”, “Technopolis (Gazi)”, Athens ● “1st Triennial of Greek Engraving”, Pieridis Gallery, Athens.

2002: “Playing with Time”, Art Space 24, Athens. ● “30 x 40 cm”, ATHENS ART HALL, Athens

2003: “ZOSIMADON ACTIONS”, ITS KALE – CASTLE, Ioannina ● “Coup de coeur”, ATHENS ART HALL, Athens. Exhibition curator: Eugenia Alexaki • “Playing with Time”, “Art Space 24”, Athens.

2004: “THE WORLD OF THE OLIVE”, Theofilos Museum, Mytilene. Exhibition curator: Athena Schina-Olga Mentzafou-Polyzou ● “THE WORLD OF THE OLIVE”, St. Mark’s Basilica, Heraklion, Crete. Organization: Municipality of Heraklion – Vikelaia Municipal Library of Crete. * ● “OLIVE PRAISE”, Megaron of the Academy of Athens, Athens. Exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, Louiza Karapidaki, Flavia Nessi Giazitzoglou. • “Aeginian Jugs”, Canvas from paparazzi, Historical and Folklore Museum of the Municipality of Aegina, Aegina. Exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou.

2005: “Masks and masks”, ABOUT ARTS FEBRUARY 2005, Athens 2005
● “A TABLE AT THE TABLE” Exhibition: I. Kritikou, SKOUFA Hall, Athens ● “VISION AND TOUCH” Exhibition: Ch. Kambouridis, AT Thessaloniki.

2006: * “In the colors of the Iris”, Arts Center – Eleftherias Park, Exhibition curator: I. Kritikou, Athens ● * “Olive praise”, ATHENS ACADEMY, exhibition curator: L. Karapidaki, Aik. Polymerou – Kamilaki, RESEARCH CENTER OF GREEK FOLKLORE OF THE ATHENS ACADEMY * “Olive Praise” United Nations Building in New York (September 1-October 13, 2006) ● A celebration of Orange » , Paros. FISH & OLIVE GALLERY, Xalki Naxos, August 2006 ● ZOSIMADON ACTIONS 2006 and EVERGETISMOS, Zosimaia Pedagogical Academy, Sept. 2006, Ioannina ● COW PARADE ATHENS 2006 έκ. ATHENS COLLEGE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, November 2006. ● The collection of ALPHA BANK – GREEK ART from 1920 TO TODAY, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, November 2006 – its January 2007 , by ARTPHILO gallery, νοεμ.2006 ● Ομ. Exhibition in gallery “7”, Dec – January 2007, Athens

2007: Exhibition of Art Galleries, UNFAIR ’07 16-25 March 2007, ATHENS IMPERIAL, Athens 25-29 April 2007, MAKEDONIA PALACE, Thessaloniki ● “Aspects of form – Landscape markings” Greek painters from the collection ANTONI & AZIAS HATZOUIOTI Gallery of Chania, Crete Apr – Jun 2007 ● GREEK ART TODAY, Twelve Contemporazy Actists, Exhibition Curator: G. Stathopoulos, BELGRAVIA GALLERY, LONDON, May 2007 ● FINE ARTS AT THE SIDE OF HOPE. Museum, Sept. 2007 * SPAP Conference Center, Ancient Olympia, “Eleas Egkomion”, August 2007-May 2008 αν Janos, Group. Exhibition “Daphne Angelidou – Marilitsa Vlachaki – Costas Papanikolaou” April 2007, Athens ● M. E. V. Nosok. Of Children, “Kostis Palamas” University of Athens Hall, 30 November – 16 Dec 2007 ● “Birthplace”, November 2007 Benaki Museum, exhibition: Iris Kritikou 2008

2008: “… to children with love”, PERITECHNON, Athens ● “Art Objects” Gallery “Zalokosta 7”, Athens ● “Art on the front page”, ATHENS VOICE, Benaki Museum, Athens ● “Sketching Dionysios Solomos” , Moschandreou Museum, Messolonghi, – Consulate of Greece, (Sts. Cosmas and Damian Convent), Venice, – Art Center (Eleftherias Park), Athens, curated by Iris Kritikou ● “Experimenting Greece; Travels through an enchanted Landscape »Hellenic House, Beijing, China, curated by Iris Kritikou. ● “GREEK ART TODAY 2008”, Belgravia Gallery, London, curated by George Stathopoulos ● Art Space “24”, Athens ● “Greek Artists for Human Rights”, Skoufa Gallery ● “Visual Presences in Lesvos”, organized by the Municipality of GYRI , Loutro (Old Market), Mytilene ● “Material Links”, MoCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, China, August 2008 – Thessaloniki Center for Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, April 2009 – Technopolis, Athens, January 2009, curated by S Iris Kritikou, Diana Freundi ● Group exhibition, “Trigono” Art Gallery, Kifissia
2009: “Meeting”, Art Space “24”, Athens. ● “Landscape Stories – from tradition to sustainability”, St. Mark’s Basilica, Heraklion, Crete, June – July 2009, – Bath of the Winds, Plaka Athens, September 2009, curated by Louiza Karapidaki ● “Greek Artists for the Artists” Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens ● “GREEK ART TODAY 2009”, Belgravia Gallery, London, curated by George Stathopoulos ● “Honor to Giannis Moralis”, Teacher and students of ASKT, exhibition space “N. Kessanlis “of ASKT, Athens. ● “It happened in Athens”, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens “Melina”, Athens, curator of the exhibition Iris Kritikou. Trigono Art Gallery, Kifissia, Athens

2010: ART-ATHINA 2010, Participation with the Gallery “Zalokosta 7”, Indoor P. Faliro (TaeKwonDo), Olympic Properties, Faliro Delta, Athens. ● “Art Deposits”, from the Gallery “Kaplanon 5”, in Villa Serpieri of the Technological Cultural Park of Lavrio, July-August 2010 ● “Tracing of Constantinople”, Sismanogleio Palace of the Consulate General of Greece and Konstantinos School of Theology of Halki : Iris Kritikou ● “Brinies 2010 – Art on the Farm”, Kranidi Argolidos, Exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, Tsichrintzis Foundation, curator of the M. Xanthakou Exhibition, Kifissia, Athens ● “The Ancient Mosaic” Athens meets – International Association of Modern Voters AIMC in the framework of the 12th International Mosaic Conference. ● “Tracing Constantinople”, Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, Athens Απο “Deconstructing the canvas – Inventing the image”, Works from the collection of Antonis and Azias Chatziioannou, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Exhibition Curator of Iris Kritikou, Thessaloniki

2011: “Bodies – Places: Contemporary Greek painting from the collection of Antonis and Azias Chatziioannou”, Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Berlin Branch, Berlin, March – May 2011, curated by Iris Kritikou ● “Greek Artists for Human Humanities, Center for Human Rights” Of Rights (KEPAD), at the Cultural Center of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens, April 2011 ● “Natura 2011”, Eugenidou Foundation, Athens, June 2011, Exhibition curator: Athena Schina, Group exhibition of collaborators, Art Space “24”, Athens ● « Festivals of Artists “, Kapsioti Gallery, Piraeus, Athens ●” + Places “, Trigono Art Gallery, Kifissia, Athens, Exhibition Curator: M. Xanthakou, December – January 2012

2012: “Female Genus”, Prisma Art Gallery, Piraeus, Athens, Natasa Thomakou Exhibition Curator o Art Exhibition, KEPAD, Art Center – Eleftherias Park, March o “Spring Exhibition”, Prisma Art Gallery, Piraeus, Athens, Epimea Thomakou, April o “Images for a Greece that lasts”, Organization: Alliance for Greece in collaboration with Delta Development, curated by M. Stefanidis and Maria Xanthakou, Golden Hall, April, Athens o “10×10. Images and texts, Ten Painters “read” ten authors “, Art Space” 24 “, Athens, June o” Summer and others… “, PERITECHNON KARTERIS, Athens, June o” Memories and Realities “, Museum of Contemporary Art of Florina 2012, A , Organization: Municipality of Florina. Museum of Contemporary Art of Florina, Art Gallery “Kaplanon 5” o “Art Routes” Municipal Gallery of Lamia, “Alekos Kontopoulos” Gallery, September-October 2012, organization: Municipal Gallery of Lamia and Art Gallery “Kaplanon 5” garden – Ta Nikos Kypourgos “, Ianos Art Gallery, exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, CD publisher: Mikri Arktos, Athens, December 2012

2013: “The fruit trees of Athens”, Ianos Art Gallery, in collaboration with the author of the book Sotiris Dimitriou and Patakis Publications, exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, June, Athens. o “Kridemnon”, National Archaeological Museum, organization Alliance for Greece, curator of the exhibition M. Stefanidis, June, Athens o “PERISTATIKA DI”, Works of Greek painters from the Collection of Antonis and Azias Chatziioannou, Organization: Organization Culture, Organization exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, CYCLADES GALLERY, July-August, Syros. (Catalog) o “In the aura of shapes and colors”, Organization: Art Gallery “Kaplanon 5”, Municipal Gallery of Paros, August, Paros and September, Art Gallery “Kaplanon 5”, Athens

2014: “ITALIAN CALVINO / INVISIBLE CITIES”, exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, May, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens o ART-ATHINA 2014, Participation with the Gallery “Zalokosta 7”, Closed P. Faliro (Ta), Olympia Faliro, Athens. o “Cafes of Athens”, Exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, October, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens

2015: OAK READING: TEXNH IN THE BARREL, in the context of the exhibition “Oinorama”, Exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, March, Zappeion Megaron, Athens. (Catalog) o “COLORS OF GREECE”, Greek contemporary artists in the Hamptons. Curator: Irene Vandaraki The Muses ,. August, New York. (Catalog) the Consul General of Greece, October, New York

2016: “My favorite work”, Art Space of National Insurance, STOART KORAI, April-May, Athens o ART-ATHINA 2016, “Land of the people” Painting-Mosaics. Participation with the Gallery “Art Prisma”, Indoor P. Faliro (TaeKwonDo), Olympic Properties, Faliro Delta, Athens. (Catalog) o “The barley: the harvest”, Mosaic, Exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, June-November, ATHENS, Athenian Brewery, Athens o “Territories of the South”, PLOES 22, Exhibition curator: Athens July-October, FOUNDATION OF PETROS AND MARIKAS KYDONIOS, Andros. (Catalog)

2017: “At my young age”, Organized by ALPHA TRUST, Gennadios library, Exhibition curator: Iris Kritikou, Athens

2018: “less is more”, Euripides Gallery, Athens

2018: «Greek Contemporary Painting, The 80’s generation», Nitra gallery, Thessaloniki

2019: “The look of the collector”, The Sotiris Felios Collection, Municipal Gallery of Agios Markos, Heraklion, Crete

2019: “Thalassas Erga”, Kapsioti Gallery

2019: Beirut Art Fair 2019, Painting and Mosaics, Participation with Core Gallery

2019: “Night Cafe”, Vassilis & Elizas Goulandris Museum, Athens
D. Angelidou’s works are available in public and private collections, museums and galleries in Greece, England, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Cyprus.

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