Irene Kana was born in Canea, Greece. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, under Professor Panayiotis Tetsis, where she graduated in 1990 with distinction, and stage design under V. Vassiliades.


BOSCH National Competition, 1993.
The Chamber of Fine Arts Competition for the Schwetzingen Exhibition, 1998.
Prize of the Group of Ten, Literature and Arts, 2006.
The Municipality of Athens organised an exhibition of her works at the Melina centre in 2003.
Her works hang in the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Greek Parliament, the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, the Goulandris Museum in Athens and Andros, the Institute of Thracean Art and Tradition, the Municipal Gallery of Canea, the University of Nicosia, the Museum of Hydra, the National Bank of Greece, the Ergobank, AGET Iraklis,Interamerican, OPAP and several other collections in Greece and abroad.


2019 Black Sea Trade and Development Bank ,Thessaloniki
2019 Marina Keas Gallery, Kea
2017 Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
2015 Mylonoyiannis Art Hall, Canea.
2014 Historical Archives-Museum of Hydra
2014 Art Athina., Nitra Gallery.
2013 Nitra Gallery,Thessaloniki.
2010 Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
2008 ATRION Art Hall, Thessaloniki.
2008 Mesa Yitonia Cultural Centre, Limassol Cyprus.
2008 University of Nicosia.
2007 Macedonian Museum of Modern Art “Dialogues”.
2007 ATRION Art Hall, Thessaloniki.
2005 Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
2003 Cultural Centre Melina, The Municipality of Athens.
2000 ATRION Art Hall, Thessaloniki.
1998 Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
1998 Mylonoyiannis Art Hall, Canea.
1998 Palais Hirsch, Schwetzingen, Germany.
1995 Mylonoyiannis Art Hall, Canea.
1995 Morphi Gallery, Cyprus.
1994 Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
1991 Art and Concert Hall, The Municipality of Hydra.


2020 Art Athina, Skoufa Gallery, Athens.
2019 Beirut Art Fair, Core Gallery.
2017 ‘Reflecting Reality’, Blue Iris Gallery , Pafos Cyprus.
2017 ‘Temperate Zone’, Petros and Marika Kydoniefs Foundation, Andros.
2016 Animalia, IANOS Art Hall, Athens.
2016 Art Athina, Skoufa Gallery, Athens.
2015 ‘Dream’, Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
2015 ‘Contemporary Landscape Painting’, Evripides Art Gallery, Athens.
2015 ‘Red’, Municipal Theatre, Piraeus.
2015 ‘Sea Paintings’, Kapsioti Gallery, Piraeus.
2015 ‘About Love’, Vatti Art Hall, Syros.
2013 ‘Winter Journey’, Lemoni Book Shop, Athens.
2013 ‘ChaniaArt’,Visual Arts Journeys, Canea.
2013 ‘The Sheep’, Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens.
2013 ‘Giving’, National Archeological Museum,Athens.
2012 ‘Brothers Grimm’, Eugenides Foundation, Athens.
2012 ‘For An Everlasting Greece’, Golden Hall.
2012 ‘Color in the Land of Our Times’, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens.
2012 ‘Horizons’, Municipal Gallery of Piraeus.
2012 ‘Spring Exhibition’, ‘Prisma’, Piraeus.
2012 ‘Of Female Gender’, ‘Prisma’, Piraeus.
2011 ‘Generational Differences’, Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
2012 KONICA MINOLTA, Theoharakis Foundation, Athens.
2011 ‘Natura 2011′, Eugenides Foundation, Athens.
2010 The Great Schools of Painting and their Descendants’, Athens.
2010 Tsihritzis Visual Arts Foundation, Athens.
2010 Auction for the benefit of the Greek National Opera, Technopolis.
2010 ‘Departures’, Athinais, Athens.
2010 ‘Art and the Place’, The Municipal Gallery of Canea, Crete.
2009 Bonhams Auction, London.
2009 Bonhams, Athinais.
2009 ‘It Happened in Athens’, Cultural Centre Melina, The Municipality of Athens.
2009 ‘RESIST’ UNISEF, Technopolis.
2009 ‘Greek Landscape Painting from the 18th to the 21st Century’, Theoharakis Foundation.
2009 ‘Material Links’ State Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki.
2009 ‘4 Seasons’, Art Expertise – Hellenic War Museum, Athens.
2009 ‘Ambassadors of Contemporary Greek Art’ Exhibition at the Hellenic Museum, Melbourne.
2008 ‘EKEM, 20 Years’, Cultural Centre ‘Greek World’, Athens.
2008 ’12 Artists paint Greece’ Gallery L-S, Elounta Crete.
2008 ‘Painters’ Aegina’, Museum of Folklore History, Aegina.
2008 ‘Summer Views’, Museum of Folklore and Christian Art, Andros.
2008 ‘Material Links’, MoCA Shanghai.
2008 ‘Ηearts in Athens’.
2008 ‘Greek Island Landscapes’, Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
2008 ‘Art, Life on Earth’ Goulandris Museum.
2008 ‘Experiencing Greece: Travels Through an Enchanted Landscape’, Beijing.
2008 ‘D. Solomos’ Venice.
2007 ‘Visual Arts in Greece’, State Museum of Contemporary Art.
2007 ‘There Once Lived Penelope Delta’, Athens College.
2005-2007 Arts Centre – Parko Eleutherias.
2005 ‘Art Goes to School’, G. Grammatopoulos.
2005 ‘A TABLE’, Shoufa Art Hall.
2004 Hilton, Nicosia, Cyprus.
2004 Bonhams Auction, London.
2004 Bonhams, The Foundation of the Hellenic World.
2004 ‘Theorema’, Brussels.
2004 The Institute of Thracean Art and Tradition, Stoa Vivliou.
2003 The Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Rethymnon.
2003 Union of Cretan Plastic Artists, Cultural Centre Melina, Athens.
2002 The Municipal Gallery of Canea, Crete.
2001-2002 Trigono Art Hall, Athens.
1999-2009 ATRION Art Hall, Thessaloniki.
1999 ‘Art Quake’, Benaki Museum, Athens.
1996-1999 ‘Peri Technon’, Athens.
1995-2012 Skoufa Art Hall, Athens.
1994 The Greek-American Union, Antigraf.
1993 The Midwest Group of Companies Nd, The Dutch Association of Cyprus.
1993 Polyplano Gallery, Athens.
1992 Art and Concert Hall, The Municipality of Hydra.
1992 Athens School of Fine Arts, Cultural Centre of Leucas.
1992 Athens School of Fine Arts, Theatro Vrachon Vyrona, Athens.
1991-94 Aenaon Plastic Arts Centre, Athens.
1991 The National Gallery, Athens.
1991 Athens University Fair Exhibition, Athens.
1990 Aenaon Gallery, Athens.
1990 Athens School of Fine Arts, Hydra.
1989 Athens School of Fine Arts, Delphi.

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